Thursday, February 15, 2007

Still learning

OK, so I reread my earlier post and realized that I forgot to put in the picture of the back of Emilie's sweater. So, here it is. You can now see the lace insert on the back.

A new Blog

Today is February 15, 2007. I decided after much thought to gather up the courage and try something new. You ask, what's new? Oh, well, I have never blogged before and decided it was about time I enter the blog world. I have family and friends that live all over the US and they don't often get to see what I am up to. On this blog I hope to keep my projects updated for you to see and also hope to write news about us.

I have been doing a lot of knitting lately. I have designed two baby sweaters in the last year. One for my brother's granddaughter and another for our daughter's brother-in-law's baby. The blue and red sweater is a bomber's jacket, which is why the hat has earflaps. I was thinking about the WWII bombers' jackets and hats when I designed it. It could be made for a girl or a boy. This one was made for a boy.

The pink and white sweater was made for Emilie and I call it Emilie's Sweater. I added just a touch of lace to make it feminine for a little girl. Notice the lace on the back of the sweater. This is so when she is carried you can see some design.