Sunday, May 20, 2007

Snakes and Sauces

Today I found out some good news from Jeff. Since we live in Texas and we now have our wonderful home in the woods, we now deal with the very real possibility of copperhead snakes. Let’s just say that that is not a wonderful proposition in my book. The first night we were moving in, our new neighbors offered to help (that was so great too!), but they told us immediately about the snakes. I stood there and thought, “Oh, no, what I have I done? Well, the house has trees and a pool and we have already signed the papers, so I guess I will have to deal with this, like a grown up.” I am not a snake person, I grew up in suburbia, where snakes were in zoos, where they belong. Not in my back, or front yard.

Well, it happened. Jeff was outside trimming one day, and guess what he saw. Yep, a copperhead snake. Of course, I had to see it too. Gulp. Still didn’t think it a great idea. Well, the news today is, that we have ordered some solar snake repellents. They make the snakes leave your yard. We know they work, because some neighbors down the street have them and they have proven it. So, pretty soon, our little neck of the woods should be snake free. I think I will probably still watch for them though.

Another exciting thing happened about a week ago. I was walking up and down the aisle at the local Wally’s World and, as always, I glanced at the ice cream topping section. You see, I grew up in New York State. We had/have restaurants called Friendly’s there. You can order a Peanut Butter, Hot Fudge Sundae there. Well, eventually, Hershey’s bought all the Reese’s peanut butter items, including, the sauce recipe. So, since there isn’t a Friendly’s here, I keep looking in the stores. The GOOD NEWS is that I found some Reese’s Peanut Butter ice cream sauce in the store, and of course I purchased it. It is tasty, although it is a different texture than I remember it. But, it is good and I will purchase it again.