Monday, September 15, 2008

Where Oh, Where has Joanne been???

I have been absent from my blog for a month. Wow! It seems like yesterday that the Ravelympics were in full swing and I was posting finished projects. My second project, a felted purse, was done on time, but not listed in time. So, I didn't get to the podium with that project. That is OK. The project is done.

Here we are in north Texas 2 days after Ike hit the Galveston, Houston area. What a mess they have down there, our hearts, thoughts and prayers are with those folks. We do have friends down there and we actually heard from one today. Willy's neighbor let him use his generator to charge his cell phone a little bit. Then Willy had to drive to the top of a tall bridge, near his home, to be able to get reception on the cell phone. Then he was able to use it, seems the cell phone towers have been affected too. They are OK, none of their windows broke, they have no electricity and won't for about 2 or 3 weeks. They live on the southwest side of Houston in a suburb there.
We had 3/4 of an inch of rain in our rain gauge, which isn't very much. We had strong winds. But, we are OK. We are very grateful to God, that He spared us, because we were in line to get that storm too. We were all ready to be hit by this monstrous storm. I had food, that didn't need refrigeration or cooking etc, in the house. Candles, batteries, etc are in supply too.

Soooo, you ask, where have I been? Well, one of the projects that has kept me away from here is a garden. I finally decided to start a garden. It actually has three sections. I put it in a small fenced in area on the south side of the house. The picture below shows the seedlings that are in the first section. Do you like the bricks? Nice touch? Well, in digging, I found them under about 2 inches of dirt. Apparently, the previous owner didn't like them and covered them with dirt. So, I pulled them up and out and used them. On the left side of the garden, next to the fence are saultillo tile pieces. They used to be the flooring for the main floor of the house. You guessed it, the previous owner ripped them all up and threw them into the yard. I found them while digging too. We have piles around the yarn, where we put these broken tiles, when we find them. Some day we may be able to do some artsy type walkway or patio with them. Or, we will just throw them away. I did make a step near the gate of the garden with some of the pieces and it looks cute. Well, here's the garden photo. Oh, yeah, we can have a fall harvest down here, if you time it right and we don't get an early freeze.
I have been knitting, and creating things too. Watch my etsy panel on the side bar and you will see these items coming up there.