Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Front Hallway

When we moved into the House in the Woods last year, we knew we would have to do a lot of painting and remodeling. We do these projects ourselves, well mainly hubby does them and I help, so it takes a while. But, when we are done we have a quality job.

Yes, what you are seeing is brown paint on the walls AND yes, the paneling does clash with it. This is or was the view you see when you enter the house.

We have been working on the entryway. Part of it, behind the mirror is painted off white and we left the
paneling. While I was away in Louisiana, hubby removed the paneling that was on the wall you are facing and put up wallboard. The next picture is the middle picture. So, I have the before picture and the not quite done picture. He has put a great texture on the wall and it is being painted and then will be rag painted. I will take a picture of it when done and the pictures etc are back in place. Actually, this is a close up, so you can see the texture.
Do you like my yarn? It is my handspun and I thought it would look great in front of the new wall. I don't know what I will knit with it yet, but someday the finished project will be on here. Keep watching. :)

Monday, October 29, 2007

A New Felted Project

I absolutely love knitting with the Ashford Tekapo yarn. It felts greats everytime I use it and want it to felt. Well, I guess it would felt great, if I didn't want it to felt and threw it into the washer with hot water. LOL! But, as of yet, I have not done that. Anyway, it does felt wonderfully. It is a soft yarn, made from the Corriedale sheep, so I can knit sweaters etc with it too. Down here in TX we get into carrying our water everywhere we go. Sometimes, I wonder why as a Mom I took the time to train my children to get off the bottle, when now we carry them around 24/7. Haha! A friend of mine, asked me to make a felted bottle cover for her son's lunch box, for work. You see, if you don't have an insulated bottle for your water here, you can make a "cup o' tea" with your bottled water during the summer. Well, of course, the pattern I had wouldn't fit his bottle, so I created a pattern and made the cover and it worked pretty well. I liked it. Because he loves the Dallas Cowboys, I made it blue.
I had to take a picture of my sheep, Summer, too. Hubby knows that I love sheep and, one time when he was in Family Christian Stores, he found a display of sheep. He bought me Summer and Sandy. Sandy is a little camera shy, so I did't force her to take her picture.
We are having wonderful weather now. Fall temps have arrived! Actually one morning last week, our low was 35F. But, it warmed up to the mid-70's. We usually do have a big fluctuation of temperatures here.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Waiting For Fall!

Well, you all are probably getting tired of hearing this, but I am still waiting for fall. The weather men are trying to tell us, that it will be here tonight. But, I am waiting for the proof. Well, I know, actually fall is here, it is the cooler weather that I am waiting for. :) We have had a very windy day today and those winds are supposed to shift tonight and come from the north. Ok, I know I am grumbling. Sorry.
Having moved into the house in the woods last year, I am working ever so slowly on window treatments. I am on a war against mini blinds or any kind of blinds. So, I am making curtains. They are coming along nicely, though. I got an idea working on the last set, that I could knit tie backs. Yep, you heard me right. I decided to knit tie backs. They came out nice and really look nice on the curtains, adding a touch of lace. Here is the picture of them.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Yet more hats!

Well, I know it is fall, I even put a fall picture on my blog to remind us. But, we have had such a warm fall, that it still feels like summer! Of course, I live in north Texas and anything is possible here, on the weather front anyway. For several days now, I have been pulling acorns and oak leaves out of the pool. If I don't get the acorns out fast enough they leave black circle stains on the bottom of the pool, so then I have a pool that looks like a dalmation! The only way to get the stains out is to shock the pool. I did that today.
I keep trying to tell myself that I need to concentrate on Christmas and get started on my knitting. But, I keep finding other projects to work on. Do you realize that Christmas is only about 9 weeks away?? Geesh! I did, however, get two more hats made and here they are. My try at remembering that Christmas is just around the corner. :)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Pumpkins and Pilgrims

I love fall colors and fall weather. I don't get to see many fall colors here in Texas, so one year I decided to design and knit some colorful pumpkins to decorate my home. I had so much fun making these little pumpkins that I kept going until I had enough to fill a basket. That is the picture that you see to the right, decorating my blog for fall.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hats are popping up all over

Last week, when I drove to my daughter's home, I went to take pictures of the new hats that I have designed and knitted and to visit with her. This hat is a vintage lace style and has a carnation style flower on it. I loved making it. I knitted it in the round on one circular needle. Then I created the flower. C looks absolutely lovely in it, but I am a predjudiced Gramma. :)
The other hats that I made were of a pie theme.
Here N, is wearing my Blueberry Pie with whipped cream. Doesn't she look great too, sporting her favorite color, blue? The flower is the same as the Vintage Hat, but double the size, giving it the look of a pile of whipped cream. I also did a Cherry Pie and Pumpkin pie.
I think the girls did a great job modeling for me. As you can tell by N's shirt, it was hot outside and they humored Gramma by modeling WINTER hats in 90+ degree weather.
At the moment the hats are listed for sale on ebay.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Texas Motor Speedway

One of the great things about living in the Dallas, Texas. area is being able to either attend races at the Texas Motor Speedway or take the class and actually race a NASCAR. Many years ago, I was able to do that and it was a very exciting experience. I have an internet friend, who has a son and he absolutely loves NASCAR and racing.

When I go to my daughter's home, I get to pass this wonderful racetrack. So, I took these pictures for him and for anyone else that might like to see the Texas Motor Speedway empty and getting ready for the Dickies NASCAR race that will be here in November. This is the sign at the main entrance, out by I-35.

This is what you see as you come into the racetrack under the sign, that is above. It is the small track.

This is the condo area. People can own them and rent them. You can actually watch a race from them.
Next you see the race track. I had to back up a bit to try to get the whole thing in the photo. And I didn't get the far end on the right into the photo.

I hope you enjoyed my little tour of the Texas Motor Speedway, below is what you see when you leave.