Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Have you ever seen a sunrise, or sunset, that you think is so absolutely gorgeous you want to either knit it, paint it on a canvas, quilt it, or somehow make it a permanent impression somewhere? Last week a terrible hurricane, named Dean, crossed over the Gulf Of Mexico, leaving much destruction in its wake. However, in Texas it caused some absolutely spectacular sunrises. Here are two of the pictures I took through our trees in the front yard. The colors were spectacular, the blues, purples, yellows, and pinks, and then to have them against the black of the shaded trees. The second picture is a little blurry, but the colors are better. I was, unfortunately, in a hurry when taking the pictures, because sunrises don't last

Monday, August 20, 2007

Prayer Shawl

Well, here it is. My most recent design and pattern. I wanted to send a prayer shawl to a friend and needed it to be extra cuddly, which this one is. I just love the feel of it draping around my shoulders. Hopefully, she will feel the love and prayers that went into making it for her.
Here is the back of the shawl. There are a total of 5 crocheted flowers appliqued onto the shawl.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Magic Loop Knitting

A few weeks ago, a friend asked me to test knit a sock pattern for her. She had written her pattern for knitting with a magic loop. So, I searched the internet and found several great explanations on how to do this technique. I knitted her sock pattern using the magic loop and I am now "in love" with the process! So, I dug out my Denise needles, which I sell on my website, and found the 40 inch long cord and went to work. First I made a cap out of my bulky handspun, while I test knitted the pattern I wrote. Then, I decided to start my Christmas projects. This pattern is from an old Family Circle Knits magazine and it was written to knit it flat. Not wanting to sew a seam and wanting to try my new technique again, I cast on and went to work. It is working up very nicely too.

In north central Texas, we didn't get much rain from Erin. Some folks not too far away did, though. But, I had to run the hose to the pool this morning, which means no rain here. We had about a week of 100+F temperatures, but we now have a cloud cover keeping the temps in the 90's. Still hot, yes, but cooler than 104!

Monday, August 13, 2007

The Finished Shawl

Well, here are the pictures of the finished Rainbow Shawl! I am really happy with how it turned out. It is so light and airy, perfect for air conditioning in cold places. I took it to the Denton, TX spinners meeting yesterday and several ladies there really liked it too.

I am now moving onto other knitting projects and have cast on for another shawl. I am making a prayer shawl for some friends in NY. They are having a really tough time right now, so I want to send them a hug and some prayers.

Our weather is the typical TX August. HOT, no wind. But, the good news is, I can go swimming in the pool. The water is 88 F and that is still cooler than body temp, so it still cools you off.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Handspun, Hand knit shawl

The knitting is done on my Rainbow shawl! I am so excited, because I even have yarn left over. I only had 495 yards to work with. When I started knitting this shawl, I had wondered if it would even get to be big enough to wear. I figured, it might have to decorate the back of a chair and hear me sigh('cause I couldn't wear it), when I looked at it. But, no, it is large enough to wear!

I had spun this yarn into a fine single ply and then plied it with sewing thread, so I could keep the colors separate. Because I was so limited on yardage, I decided to keep my design fairly simple. That is why there isn't a fancy edging on it. The final size is 56 inches x 36 inches and weighs 2.4 oz. I chose a simple lace pattern out of one of Barbara Walker's Treasury books and used size 7 knitting needles.

Our high temperature today is supposed to be at least 100F. I cannot complain, after all. After all the rain, we had earlier in our summer, our weather has been cooler than normal. Of course, even our cooler is still hot! We have had 90's. I am ready for the air conditioning in public places now, with my new shawl.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Dragon Fly and knitting progress report

One of the things that Texas is know for is bugs. I don't particularly care for most bugs, no matter where I live. However, in Texas we have lots of unwanted bugs and I really don't like those. Sometimes I wonder why God created some of these bugs. Maybe I will get to ask Him someday. This story is about a bug I saw the other day, it is a peaceful bug.

I was outside cleaning the pool and looked and there was a BLUE dragon fly. There was a yellow one just like him, only when the camera came out, he disappeared. Guess he wasn't as vain as the blue one. :) We actually have all kinds of dragon flies around and if I studied bugs, I could tell you all about this one. But, I don't. However, I was enamored because this is a blue one!

When I first started taking its picture, it kept flying away. Eventually, though, it let me get its picture. Then the little guy, decided it liked its picture being taken and kept following me around the pool! I would move about 3 feet, look down and there it was. I would move another 3 feet and there is was. I ended up taking many pictures, but saved only this one. You can even see the eyes on this one.

I have been knitting on the Rainbow shawl that I posted about and it is finished. I am blocking it right now and will post the picture of it, tomorrow. I am excited to get it done and get back to knitting the entrelac bag. I want to knit a summer top, I know, I better get going on it. However, summer doesn't really end in August, in Texas. We keep having hot weather until the end of September or October or even November.

I also have plans for a vest and ...... my mind thinks of more projects than my hands can keep up with. :)

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Knitting an Entrelac Bag

I have always been intrigued by the entrelac stitch. When you are done with it, it will give the illusion that you have woven your knitting. So, when in 2001, I saw a pattern for a felted Entrelac Bag, in KNITTER'S magazine, I decided that one day I would make that bag. I have saved that magazine, with a marker on that page. At one point, I had purchased some yarn to make that bag, then decided not to use what I had purchased. Mainly, because I didn't get enough.
Well, this summer I found the yarn I wanted to use. I had purchased some roving from a local dyer and decided to use that roving.

Here you can see my bag with some of my yarn. I spun this yarn as singles, so I could keep the colors separate. I am really enjoying seeing how the colors are working up and am anxious to finish it so I can felt/full it.
I have learned to knit backwards. When working this pattern, if you knit one row and then purl the next, you are turning your work so much that you either make you dizzy, or give yourself whiplash.
The alternative is to knit backwards.