Friday, June 22, 2007

My New Favorite Bird and More Rain

My new favorite bird is the Roadrunner. We actually have roadrunners here, living right around us. I looked them up in my bird book and guess what they eat? Snakes. Well, they are at the top of my list, that is for sure! I was watching one today and they are fascinating to watch, as they stalk their prey and catch it. I will keep trying to get a better picture, of the roadrunner, to post on here. Behind the roadrunner is the damage that 6-8 inches of rain in 3 hours did to our rock driveway the other night.
Well, we have had more rain here in North Texas. In a town just north of here, Gainesville, 300 homes were either lost or damaged by flood waters. Other than the gulley in our driveway, we had no other damage, except that our beautiful pool looked like pea soup and had lots of branches and leaves in it. But, we perservered and conquered. We have, once again, a beautiful pool. Of course, more rain is in the forecast. I am grateful, though, that we didn't receive more damage.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

A Finished Sweater

Wow! We have been getting a lot of rain! Actually, several years ago, our area started with a drought. By last year, Texas was in a severe drought. In our town we couldn’t even wash our cars. Lawn watering was only allowed 2 days a week. There were wild fires all over too. It was common to be driving on a highway and see a black section where there had been a fire. We left our spray nozzles hooked to our hoses, to be ready. However, when God answers a prayer with a yes, He answers the prayer. Most of our lake levels are above normal state and we are even getting rain in June! Normally, rain doesn’t happen a lot in the summer months. I find myself thinking of the promise God made to Noah after the flood.

On the knitting front, I finished my circumnavigate sweater. It is a pattern written by Medrith Glover and published by Knitters Magazine back in 1989, I believe. It works well with handspun yarn, which is what I used for my sweater. The Dallas Handknitter’s Guild decided to use Medrith’s pattern as a group project last September. I joined along, even though I didn’t get to go to most of the meetings. Here you see my sweater, finished. The sweater is knitted from the bottom up and knitted in one piece. It has no seams to sew when done either. There are pockets knitted in on the front, which is what I put one of the sleeves into, trying to get it to show. It is a great sweater and next winter I know I will enjoy it.