Tuesday, March 31, 2009


The weather was cloudy, windy( 30 mph+ winds), and cold, for north Texas in March. Why did I venture outside? Well, to see a fabulous soccer game. Our granddaughter, was playing soccer that day and Gramma wanted to go see her play. She is a good soccer player and I had fun watching her game and rooting for her team, The Cowgirls. Her coach pictured in the top picture, has what seems to be, undying patience to be coaching 9 year old girls, but he is doing a great job. Enjoy the pictures.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Once Upon a Time...There Was A Vest?

Once upon a time, there was a magazine that had a wonderful vest pattern in it. So, I thought, I might make that vest someday and ripped the pattern out.

Once upon a time there was a pretty cone of cotton yarn, that said, BUY ME. So, I bought it and thought, I will make a vest out of it, one day.

Two weeks ago I put the two together and started my vest. I did a large gauge swatch and I even met gauge! So, I cast on and started knitting. The yarn was working up so pretty and nice, and looking good in the vest pattern. Then I double checked my gauge, Oh, no!!!!! The gauge was now too big and the yarn although pretty, was making too heavy/thick a vest to be worn in TX in the summer!

So, once upon a time there was a vest, that became a cone of yarn, again. It is lonely as can be, but maybe one day, it may become another vest.

The pattern?? Well, it is filed away, until another yarn comes along..............

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sonnet and Weather

If I was a poet I would write a sonnet about our weather. Of course, there are others in our country who could write a horror story about their weather, so I guess a sonnet is pretty good.

However, the Sonnet that I mean, in my title, is a sweater pattern. It is from Knitty.com and found here. It is a pattern written by Kristi Porter and is a free pattern from Knitty. Kristi actually wrote the original pattern, Haiku, for a baby. It is a really cute pattern and people asked her for an adult version.

I made my Sonnet out of a purple colored, handspun Merino from Ashland Bay Trading Co, Inc. It is spun to a bulky weight and I used my Ashford Joy to spin the yarn. The original sweater had a very wide neckline, and since I am not into sweaters falling off my shoulders, I added a crocheted neckline. I decreased stitches while crocheting several rows around the neck, so it would lay flat. It still has a bit of scoop to the neck, but is more comfortable this way. I use it as a cardigan and wear it over a blouse/shirt. Which brings us back to the weather. :)
I had thought I wouldn't get to wear this until next winter, since it is March and I am in Texas. However, we have had some pretty cold weather and very high winds down here. So, much so that outside garden plants have had to be covered. So, out I went with sheets to cover my garden plants. Needless to say, I have worn my Sonnet several times and absolutely love it.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Anna's Shawl Pattern is ready!

When I write a pattern, it can sometimes be what seems like a slow process, especially if you are waiting for me to finish it, so you can make it. However, that is because I try very hard, to get it right for those who wish to purchase it and knit it. First, I sketch it out and write down the ideas and goals for the design. Then, I write it as I knit a proto-type. After that, I type it up. Next I will knit it again, a few weeks later. That way I sort of forget what I did, so I have to read the pattern. :) Then there are corrections that need to be made. After that, I find some test knitters to help me out. They knit the item and let me know where I should fix certain wordings or math issues. I think I have some of the BEST test knitters out there. Kate and Liz test knitted Anna's Shawl. Their shawls are absolutely fabulous! Pictured here is Kate's blue shawl and Liz's green shawl. Mine is the black one.

You can find this pattern for sale at www.TerrificCreations.etsy.com or on Ravelry, listed as Anna's Shawl.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dyed Roving Etc.

When we last met, I was telling you about the roving I dyed
at the Fancy Fibers Retreat. Since I love blue, I wanted to use mostly blue. The picture in my last entry had it hanging still chained and wet.
Here it is pulled out of the chain and laying on a blanket on my floor. I cannot wait to spin this into yarn and see what I will have with the next step. I have one pound dyed, so I have enough for a great project.
The red and orange roving was done by Liz, our fearless leader and teacher! She stepped in to teach at the last minute, when the gal who had hoped to teach became ill.
Liz was a great teacher and I think everyone loved the class.