Friday, April 27, 2007

Our Home in the Woods

April 27, 2007
I have a new camera and I decided to take some pictures of the views from our home. Living in the northern part of Texas, you wouldn't think that we would have tall trees or a lake. Most folks think that Texas is all desert, but it is actually very diverse. Spring has more than sprung here and in the photo, on the bottom right, you are seeing the view from the back of our home. If you look closely in the middle of the picture, you will catch sight of the small lake that is behind our home.

In the photo in the center, you are seeing the view from our front door. We have a great driveway and yes, we have to take the trash all the way out to the street. :) Only once a week though, so it isn't too bad.
On the top we have the picture of the pool. J, my husband, has been working very hard keeping leaves etc out of the pool. I have the job of balancing the chemicals, and so far, so good. However, one day I was out there helping, by skimming leaves off the top, when my cell phone rang and yep, you guessed it. My cell phone fell into the pool. They don't float either. So, here I am dressed, the water is all of 60 degrees, and I jump into the pool and have to dive to the bottom to get the thing. I did rescue the phone, but it was sputtering at me and when I found my glasses and looked at the screen, I read "Good-bye." Ha, it was telling me good-bye. Made me feel really great, I had drowned my phone. Turns out, that it isn't water so much that the phone didn't like, but the chlorine in the water.