Sunday, May 18, 2008

Time Flies!

I hope all of you mom's out there had a good and peaceful Mother's Day! We had a nice one, which started with breakfast at the Corner Bakery restaurant. We beat the lunch and dinner crowd that way. It was great!

It is hard to believe it is May 18 already. I have been busy making items for my etsy site and writing a couple of patterns. If you have noticed, I have added a little area to my blog with my sale items on it. It is actually a link that you can click on to go to see more about the item pictured. I have more coffee sleeves to list this week. They have been a lot of fun to make.

I have enjoyed making the cupcakes too. That pattern is done and listed on etsy now. My friend, Liz, helped me with that one by test knitting it for me. Thanks, Liz!

I have just finished spinning up some wonderful wool that I purchased last September when I was at the spinning retreat in Louisiana. It is a deep rich purple with some green in it. I don't think the colors came out really well on the screen, but it sure is pretty in real life. I have 477 yds of it. Now to figure out what to do with it.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bicycling and Cupcakes

On Sunday we went bike riding, I think we road for about 4 miles. My thighs hurt on Monday. LOL! The good news is I didn't fall, well and neither did Jeff. :) We had a great ride and made it home safely. The great thing about Texas in the spring is the wildflowers, which some will call weeds. But, thanks to Ladybird Johnson, Texans have learned to let the weeds grow and bloom. The wildflowers are gorgeous and the colors are wonderful. No, I didn't get pictures of them, because I didn't want to take my camera on the bike. But there were oranges, yellows, fuschias, purples and whites. Just think, we don't really get fantastic fall colors, but our spring wildflowers sure are pretty.

I have been working on several new patterns to sell. They are coming along, but the one that is almost ready is my new cupcake. This cupcake is calorie free! I will be selling the cupcakes on etsy, as pin cushions, and they will be filled with sheeps wool. I am really happy with how they turned out. I hope you like them too.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

We Saw a Great Play!

Wow! Two weeks have gone by since I last posted. Where does the time go? This past Friday night, we went to our oldest granddaughter's play. It was a lot of fun and she did a good job. The library in their town, likes to put on plays. The children who come to the library are the actors, if they want to participate. The play was about how one boy thinks the library is a boring place to be and wants the other kids to hurry and get their books, so they can go play. Through a series of events, like losing electricity and searching for what is making the strange noises and leaving strange things around the library, the boy and all the other children learn that the library is fun.
It was a cute play and Nicole did a fantastic job!

Along the project line, I have made a woven scarf! A couple of years ago, I received an Ashford Knitters' Loom, which I sell on for a present from my hubby. I was so excited, as it was new on the market and I hadn't purchased it yet for my shop. So, I warped it up very quickly and the job WAS really easy to do. The pictures and directions were great! Well, then we decided to buy our store, and then we went away to train to run the store, then we came home and have been busy working in the store and OH Yeah, we moved....... Well, I finally decided that I should finish this scarf and I did. I used commercially made yarn, Ashford Tekapo, for the warp and my handspun, dyed with koolaid, for the weft. The handspun fiber came from a Jacob Sheep. They are so named, as they are spotted sheep and legend has it that they decended from Jacob's flock, in the Old Testament. My friend, Cindy, owns some Jacob sheep and this fiber came from her.